Jan 17
One of the views from Colorado Springs

In Colorado Springs, you can sometimes see Air Force flybys, as pictured here, or visit Library 21C.

There are a lot of great places that you can visit in the world, and there are probably also a lot of really great places in your own backyard as well.

I'd like to review some of the places that you can visit sometimes.  I've lived in Colorado Springs for a little over two years now, and of course, I've lived in other places that you can visit, so on some Mondays, I'd like to review some of them.  If you don't live in these places, maybe they won't be interesting to you right now, but if you ever visit, then you can check out the review.

There's never a bad time to check out a book from the library.  There's always something to read.  Library 21C is probably my favorite library (we might as well start with the best, right?).

Library 21C's biggest strength is its technology.  They have tons of things that you wouldn't normally associate with the library of your childhood there.  You can find 3D printers (open to the public at certain hours if you take a class and learn how to use them), computers, gaming machines, and other technologies.  They teach classes on all sorts of technologically-related classes.  They even have fitness classes!  You can visit their web site for the latest details.

The library has quite a few meeting rooms that your group or organization can sign up for.  They range in size and some have different capabilities.  Many have whiteboards and large computer monitors.  You can also check out equipment to use when you are borrowing the meeting rooms, like dry erase markers and erasers.

The main downside of this library is that it doesn't have a LOT of books.  While there are areas with books for children, teens, and adults, a lot of the space that is often reserved for books in a library is packed with all this great technology.  Not to worry though: Library 21C is part of the Pike's Peak Library District, and you can have any of the books in this library system reserved and brought to this library for you to pick up.  You do have to think ahead if you want a book that's kept at a different library, but that's a small drawback for all the advantages that this library has.  You can always check out digital books at any time (without even leaving your house).  The library also has a nice variety of new books if you're interested in browsing newer releases.

So if you've moved to Colorado Springs recently or are here visiting and want to spend a relaxing day of reading, you might want to check out Library 21C.